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Tired. Stressed. In need of an outlet. Can you relate? You absolutely can! That’s why you’ve made your way to @2makeusbn by BundaAlbino! Balancing a full-time job with an entire life can be a bit much. When life gets heavy, we all need a happy place. I spent YEARS searching for an artistic pastime to create breathing room to be… be creative, be relaxed, be me in the absence of obligations. Most options were time-consuming, and a lot of spare time was what I didn’t have. Then I discovered the joy of painting by numbers. The catch is it wasn’t initially as joyous as I had hoped.

The paint by numbers concept was great! I had the opportunity to create works of art through a guided process at my leisure. Admittedly, the painting experience was as serene as a quiet meditation session. The downside was that I was never completely satisfied with the available companies. Either their products were of poor quality or their customer service was subpar. It’s disheartening to pour your creative genius into a painting only to have the canvas crumple and not be fit to hang on your wall. Since I couldn’t find the perfect company, I launched it!