Paint By Numbers

by BundaAlbino

About The Store image store fuses superior paint kits with outstanding service to produce the experience you desire and the happy place you deserve. Get creative in the comfort of your home or with a group of friends! Make time for relaxation therapy through painting. PaintByNumbers kits come complete with acrylic paints, sturdy brushes, and hanging accessories to your finished work of art. Our high-quality cotton canvases are pre-stretched on wooden frames for your convenience. Once your custom piece is completed, hang it on the wall for all to admire.

Now is the perfect time to create your happy place.

About Us image
Tired. Stressed. In need of an outlet. Can you relate? You absolutely can! That’s why you’ve made your way to @2makeusbn by BundaAlbino! Balancing a full-time job with an entire life can be a bit much. When life gets heavy, we all need a happy place. I spent YEARS searching for an artistic pastime to create breathing room to be… be creative, be relaxed, be me in the absence of obligations. Most options were time-consuming, and a lot of spare time was what I didn’t have. Then I discovered the joy of painting by numbers. The catch is it wasn’t initially as joyous as I had hoped.

The paint by numbers concept was great! I had the opportunity to create works of art through a guided process at my leisure. Admittedly, the painting experience was as serene as a quiet meditation session. The downside was that I was never completely satisfied with the available companies. Either their products were of poor quality or their customer service was subpar. It’s disheartening to pour your creative genius into a painting only to have the canvas crumple and not be fit to hang on your wall. Since I couldn’t find the perfect company, I launched it!